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I had recently upgraded to Verizon Fios TV because of the lack of content provided by other television providers.

But, the moment I turned on the TV after setting it up, it kept displaying a ‘No Signal’ message.

Since it was an off day for me, I sat down and did some research online to figure out what was causing this, and I compiled everything I learned into this comprehensive article.

To Troubleshoot Verizon Fios TV No Signal, Check for Verizon Outages, Ensure proper power supply, Check all cables and connections, and Reset Fios box.

Reasons for No Signal on Verizon Fios TV

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There are different reasons by which you might be experiencing this dilemma.

One of the reasons is the improper input on the TV. I faced this issue while trying to watch ESPN on Fios.

When you connect your TV and set-top box, always make sure you’re connected to the right source and select the right input while reviewing the source.

There are cases where it might be connected to HDMI 1, and the input source selected is HDMI 2.

You may also encounter some issues with the Verizon set-top box.

You might have been watching your TV for quite a long time without switching it off, which might cause it to overload and stop working.

Sometimes damaged cable/wiring can also be a cause of ‘No Signal’

The cables/wires might get disconnected from their ports.

Both the television and Verizon box may be unsynchronized; resetting them might do the job.

Check for Verizon Outages

See if any power outage has occurred or, in some cases, a Verizon outage has occurred.

To check, plug in your Verizon Cable Box in some other power socket than it was connected to earlier and see if it’s working.

When there is a problem on Fios’s end, sometimes, your On-Demand Services may Not Work, or your Fios Guide may Not Work.

If it is working fine, then there might be some issue with the power socket, and if it doesn’t, then the problem is your cable box.

In that case, you may contact Verizon Support and ask for replacements or ask them to repair it.

Ensure Proper Power Supply

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People often disregard the fact that their Verizon TV box is powered by electricity, so they don’t consider disruptions in the power supply as an issue.

First, check your TV’s power supply, make sure all the wires are proper.

Also, ensure the quality of the power supply is perfect, and don’t miss out on checking the outlet for any power outage.

To check whether the issue is with the power socket, plug in any other equipment like a table fan or radio or something like that and see if it’s working.

Also, make sure that you have regular power levels in your home, and all the circuits are intact.

Check All the Cables and Connections

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Check whether all the cables that connect your TV and cable box are all undamaged and working correctly.

This can cause all sorts of problems, like no sound, or the infamous pixelation problem.

To do that, disconnect all the wires, HDMI cables, and ethernet cables from the television and cable box and connect it again.

If you feel like the cable connection with your television is bad, replace it with a different cable if you have them in hand.

In some cases, the issue might be with your TV. If that is the case, try plugging in the Verizon cable box to another TV and see if it’s working correctly.

If it does, it’s time to replace the TV. But, first, contact the TV manufacturer or seller and see if you can obtain any warranty benefits.

You may check for damage on the cables and wires that connect your TV, as well as fraying and wear and tear of the insulation.

HDMI and ethernet cables are reported to have faced this issue quite a lot of time.

Reset Fios Box

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If your TV is showing No Signal, you might want to reset your Fios box manually.

To do that, you’ll have to restart the TV box and the router, unplug the power cord from the back of your TV box and that of the router.

After you’ve unplugged, wait for a few minutes for it to fully reset before plugging it back in.

Always ensure that you power up the router first before powering up the set-top box.

Once the Fios box is powered on, see if everything is working correctly.

Troubleshoot Your TV

Still not working? Try troubleshooting the TV itself.

You may do that by switching it on and navigating through different channels using your original TV remote.

Also, check all the connections to your TV is proper, including all the wires and cables.

Switch on both the TV and set-top box and see if other electrical appliances at your home, like the refrigerator, the AC, etc., are all working correctly.

Weather Problems

Sometimes bad weather can cause the Fios TV box to stop working.

Most of the time, when it’s raining, the connection gets interrupted.

There are also cases where the box gets damaged after a storm.

If you think your services got disrupted by the weather resulting in a power outage, or the issue is with your Verizon Services, reboot the router or reset your ONT battery or check for service outages on their website.

Contact Support

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This is probably the last step to follow if none of the above steps worked.

All you have to do is contact Verizon Fios Support and get all the help that you want.

If you don’t know the cause for the No signal issue or require you to restart your router box or TV box frequently, the Verizon team can help you fix it.

Contact Verizon Fios technical support and give a detailed description of the issue that you are facing.

Stay near the box to perform all the troubleshooting tasks they ask you to do.

Final Thoughts on Fios TV No Signal

Always ensure that you unplug the power cord and not the coaxial cable while resetting the Fios box.

Also, unplugging the router might cause interruptions to your internet connection, so make sure that nobody is doing anything important online while you’re going through the reset process.

If there is an issue with the TV and you want to replace it with another TV, you might want to reconfigure it according to the manual provided.

If you’re tired of fiddling around with your Fios TV and want to see what else is on the market that meets your needs, do remember to return your Fios Equipment to avoid cancelation fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my FiOS keep cutting out?

It could be the coax cable that connects everything, the fiber going back to the local PON splitter, the ONT, the fiber going back to the CO, or there might be a problem with the CO itself.

How do I get sound back on FiOS TV?

Pull the power cord from your TV and Fios box along with the HDMI cable from the Fios box. Wait for some time, and then plug the HDMI back in and also the Fios box.

How do I stop my Verizon FIOS TV from turning off?

There is a setting to stop the Fios TV from turning off due to inactivity. Go to Menu > Settings > System > Media Server Setting > Auto power off.

How do I reboot my Verizon FiOS router?

Unplug the router, wait for a minute and plug it back in. Wait for a minute or three to complete the initialization process. Now try connecting to the internet.

Verizon Fios TV No Signal: How to Troubleshoot in seconds - Robot Powered Home (2024)
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