Powerball Live Numbers | Texas (2024)

Check the latest live Powerball numbers for Texas along with results from the previous six draws of this iconic game played in 48 jurisdictions. For more information on the payouts and prizes from the latest draw, click the “View Prize Payout” button below.

Powerball offers three chances to win every week, with draws on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights at 9:59 pm CT. Ticket sales close at 9:00 pm on draw nights, so players should be sure to purchase their tickets before the draw break to enter that evening's game.

Monday July 8th 2024


Power Play: ×3

Double Play:

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Next Estimated Jackpot

$41 Million

Cash Lump Sum: $19.4 Million

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Saturday July 6th 2024


Power Play: ×2

Double Play:

Wednesday July 3rd 2024


Power Play: ×2

Double Play:

Monday July 1st 2024


Power Play: ×2

Double Play:

Saturday June 29th 2024


Power Play: ×3

Double Play:

Wednesday June 26th 2024


Power Play: ×5

Double Play:

Monday June 24th 2024


Power Play: ×2

Double Play:

The record-breaking Powerball jackpot starts at $20 million and continues rolling over and increasing until someone hits it - often reaching hundreds of millions of dollars. To take home the top prize, match the five white ball numbers and the red Powerball. Tickets cost $2 and there are nine ways to win, with a $1 million Match 5 second prize for matching the five white balls.

For the chance at even higher payouts, add Power Play to your ticket for $1 more to multiply non-jackpot wins up to 10X.

Visit the Texas Powerball Payouts page to see the number of Texas players who won in the most recent drawing and their prize values.

The biggest Texas lottery winners include many Powerball jackpot multi-millionaires.

How to Play

Just follow the simple steps below to play Powerball in the Lone Star State. Players must be 18 or older to play and claim prizes. To get updated hot and cold numbers to inspire your picks, head to Powerball Smartpicks.

  • Choose five white ball numbers from 1 to 69 plus a Powerball number from 1 to 26. Or to get started faster, mark Quick Pick (QP) and the lottery terminal will pick your numbers at random.
  • Add the Power Play option for an extra $1 per play to multiply any non-jackpot prize won by up to 10X (up to 5X if the top prize is above $150 million).
  • Use Multi-Draw to enter your numbers in up to 10 draws - simply mark the number of consecutive draws you wish to play.
  • How to win: Check your ticket on this page after the draw. Match all six numbers drawn to score the jackpot.
  • Annuity or cash? Jackpot winners can opt to receive their prize as an annuity or cash value. The annuity is the full advertised jackpot paid as 30 installments over 29 years (the value of the prize pool after it's invested). However, most winners choose the cash option - the amount in the prize pool at the time of the win. This is a smaller amount, paid as a one-time lump sum.

Power Play

Power Play multiplies the value of any win below the grand prize by up to 10 times. To add it to your ticket, just mark "Yes" and pay $1 more per play. Power Play increases the worth of any prize except the jackpot by up to 10X if the top prize is less than $150 million, or up to 5X if it's above $150 million.

How it works: A separate Power Play number is drawn before the main Powerball numbers, and all non-jackpot prizes are multiplied by this Power Play number. For instance, if the Power Play is 3X, it triples the value of any win below the jackpot. The only exception is the $1 million Match 5 second prize; Power Play doubles it to $2 million, no matter which Power Play number is drawn.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Powerball gives players a total of nine prize tiers to be won. Match the five white balls and the red Powerball to score the incredible jackpot, but don't forget that there are also lots of other exciting cash prizes available, including the $1 million second prize for matching the five white balls. All prizes other than the jackpot are fixed cash values.

Check the table below to see the Powerball prizes and chances of winning, and scroll down to see how the Power Play add-on multiplies the prizes below the jackpot. The overall odds of winning any Powerball prize are 1 in 24.87.

TX Powerball Prizes
5 + Powerball1 in 292,201,338Jackpot
51 in 11,688,053$1 million
4 + Powerball1 in 913,129$50,000
41 in 36,525$100
3 + Powerball1 in 14,494$100
31 in 579$7
2 + Powerball1 in 701$7
1 + Powerball1 in 91$4
Powerball1 in 38$4

Power Play Prizes and Odds of Winning

A Power Play number - 2X, 3X, 4X, or 5X - is drawn just before the main Powerball drawing. If the jackpot is under $150 million, there's also the chance for a 10X multiplier to be selected. If you added Power Play, any prize you win (below the grand prize) will be multiplied by the number drawn, other than the Match 5 second prize, which doubles to $2 million no matter which number is drawn.

The overall odds of winning any Power Play prize is 1 in 25.

TX Power Play Numbers and Odds
51 in 11,688,053$2 million$2 million$2 million$2 million$2 million
4 + Powerball1 in 913,129$100,000$150,000$200,000$250,000$500,000
41 in 36,525$200$300$400$500$1,000
3 + Powerball1 in 14,494$200$300$400$500$1,000
31 in 579$14$21$28$35$70
2 + Powerball1 in 701$14$21$28$35$70
1 + Powerball1 in 91$8$12$16$20$40
Powerball1 in 38$8$12$16$20$40
Powerball Live Numbers | Texas (2024)
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