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Matt10's Madden 24 Sliders

Matt10's Madden 24 Sliders

Background: Pretty much what I said in Madden 23, in fact I'm just going to post the same thing because nothing has changed. Even though the game is presented to us in a certain fashion and vision, does not mean that we have to accept it in that state. If there is an issue, or something that needs slight improvement, I am a big believer if giving the user the power to address it. Sliders do that, and have done so for years. Many believe that sliders do little to impact the games, and that very well could be true in regards to what that individual wants fixed. I use sliders as the guide towards the balance of what I want vs what I have to sacrifice to get there. Each year, we just have to hope for iterations of our favorite titles to start to get it - and hope that the base they have is good enough to build off of.

Focus of the Sliders: It's all about animations for me, and ensuring that they are logical within the context of what is happening on the field. There's no stat chasing, just enjoy the game and hope that games play competitive enough. Ratings can play out, sure, but just like IRL, that's not always going to be the case. If it were, there'd never be any romance in football.

My aim this year is to keep it really simple. I'll take constructive criticism of course, but I won't just jump in at every issue. As the thread continues, I'll start a suggestion section that will go over how to make things easier/harder, etc.

Thanks as always, take care, and stay tuned.


Slider Update Log
3/24/2024: Cane and I reviewed the Version 9 set and found that over the course of the patch updates things had started to get a bit too open. The main issue was the threshold of 48 was not keeping everything as close together as before, which was affecting reactions and behaviors on the field. We also found that the errors from the CPU QB seemed to be few and far between, while the CPU struggled to be a challenge in the run game.

The goal was to tighten things up and improve on the variety of play. We wanted that feeling of "anything can happen" on the field, and that's what Version 10 brings to the table. While the threshold/speed disparity gets a big bump, we use the other values of the penalties to still separate players enough so there is realistic reactions to not only the ball in the air, but also on the ground. We did this by reducing the effect of the RTP value, Offside and the tackling. The nice thing about approaching it this way is that we won't just have defensive battles, we can get some barn burners that are rightly deserved when things go haywire like they can on occasion in real games.

The All-Pro set did not get much love in this update, but I did test it a lot with the existing values. The changes to threshold, Offside and RTP alone have helped the AP set by association.

Enjoy Version 10!

If you provide feedback, please advise of any modifications you have done from this set.

Make sure to edit the sliders in the main menu.
Make sure to reset the sliders in the Franchise before importing.
Import the sliders in franchise.

Matt10's Madden 24 Sliders - Operation Sports Forums (3)

Matt10's Madden 24 Sliders - Version 10 || feat. MrHurriicane

Game Options

*Please see spoilers in the OP for previous version values. Previous version values are noted in parentheses.*

Skill Level: All-Madden and All-Pro
Game Style: Simulation
Quarter Length: 11 minutes
Accelerated Clock: On
Minimum Play Clock Time: 15 seconds
System: Current Gen (PS5, XB Series X)
Rosters: EA Default (Active or Preseason)
Auto-subs: Default
Superstar Abilities: On | Personal Preference
Home Field Advantage: Off
Progressive Fatigue: Off

Gameplay Helpers

Auto Flip Defensive Play Call: On
Defensive Ball Hawk: On
Defensive Heat Seeker Assist: Off
Defensive Switch Assist: Off

Player Sliders

Injuries: 25
Fatigue: 50 (Previous: 75) || 55 is optional to see more subs in same plays, but needs more sample size
Speed Disparity Scale: 60 (Previous: 48)


Offside: 50 (Previous: 85)
False Start: 85
Offensive Holding: 95
Facemask: 40
Illegal Block in the Back: 50
Roughing the Passer: 50 (Previous: 45)
Defensive Pass Interference: 40
Ineligible Receiver Downfield: On
Offensive Pass Interference: On
Kick Catch Interference: On
Intentional Grounding: Off
Roughing the Kicker: On
Running into the Kicker: On
Illegal Contact: Off

Gameplay Sliders

////All-Madden USER/CPU

QB Accuracy: 50/40 (Previous 50/42)
Pass Blocking: 50/35
WR Catch: 49/49 (Previous: 50/48)
Run Blocking: 20/15 (Previous: 20/20)
Fumbles: 49/49
Pass Defensive Reaction: 55/50 (Previous: 75/50)
Interceptions: 35/35
Pass Coverage: 52/52 (Previous: 50/48)
Tackling: 49/49 (Previous: 50/50)

Special Teams

FG Power: 50/50
FG Accuracy: 35/35
Punt Power: 55/55
Punt Accuracy: 40/40
Kickoff Power: 50/50

////All-Pro USER/CPU

QB Accuracy: 38/52
Pass Blocking: 45/50
WR Catch: 45/58
Run Blocking: 5/50
Fumbles: 50/50
Pass Defensive Reaction: 50/55
Interceptions: 20/40
Pass Coverage: 50/70
Tackling: 49/85

Special Teams

FG Power: 50/50
FG Accuracy: 35/50
Punt Power: 55/50
Punt Accuracy: 40/50
Kickoff Power: 50/50

Video Archive


Slider Log Update - Archive
Version 1


Version 2


Version 3


Version 3.5


Version 4


Version 5


Version 6


Version 7


Version 8


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Matt10's Madden 24 Sliders - Operation Sports Forums (2024)
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