How Much Is a Powerball Ticket to Buy Online? (2024)

Here’s the ultimate Powerball ticket cost guide. We'll tell you how you can save when you play US Powerball; explain the Powerball ticket cost breakdown; and inform you where your Powerball money is really going. So keep reading to find out what you need to know about the cost of playing Powerball!

How much does a Powerball ticket cost?

From its start in 2002 to 2012, each standard Powerball ticket cost $1. For those who wanted to use the Power Play option, each ticket would cost $2. In 2012, along with changes to the format of the game, the ticket cost had gone up to $2 per ticket or $3 when bought with the Power Play option. This was done to differentiate Powerball from Mega Millions, as well as to increase the jackpot and secondary prizes.

Aside from the cost of a standard entry, what other factors can raise the price of your Powerball lottery ticket?

  • The number of lines you play- Adding lines to your ticket will definitely add to the price of your ticket, but it's clear that the amount of lines you play increases your Powerball winning odds and that more than compensates for the higher price of the ticket.

  • Adding on the Power Play option- While the cost of a Powerball ticket with the Powerplay option is higher than that of a regular ticket, your non-jackpot winningscan be boosted by up to 10 times the amount!

  • A flight ticket to the United States -If you are not in the United States, in order to play Powerball, you would technically need to purchase a flight to the US in order to buy your $2 dollar ticket. Is it worth it? Unless you have tons of money to burn, we're not too sure.

How much are Powerball tickets when buying online?

If you're outside the United States and you want play Powerball, going digital is your best bet! When you play online at theLotter Texas, you can play US Powerball using the standard format, only it will cost you a little more. Why? In addition to your ticket, you are paying for a ticket messenger service. When you have bought your lottery ticket, a company representative is personally going to a retailer and purchasing a ticket on your behalf in the United States. If you're wondering whetherplaying the lottery online is safe, we take several precautions to ensure your ticket is secured. After it's purchased, your Powerball ticket will be scanned into your personal account for proof of purchase and viewing purposes before the draw. We then take it to our local office, where we store it in a secure vault until the draw.

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Can foreigners play Powerball? Can you play Powerball if you're not physically in the United States? According to the official US Powerball rules, tickets must be purchased in the United States and remain within the state's borders. Instead of paying for a plane ticket to the America, theLotter Texas's messenger service will buy an official Powerball ticket for you!Our service aims to let people purchase lottery tickets at a fair price no matter where they’re located. Some of our lucky winners include a $1 million winner from El Salvador and a $1 million winner from Australia! We're pretty sure that neither of these winners have any regrets about purchasing their Powerball tickets online once they saw the how much it paid off!

Do you need to buy a new Powerball ticket after each draw?

One of the significant benefits of purchasing Powerball online is that you have the option to buy multiple tickets in advance! This means no more worrying about buying a lottery ticket for the next draw and you're saving money while you're at it! Unlike lottery retailers, a ticket messenger service has the freedom to provide customers with discounts and promotions such as subscriptions or multi-draw packages. Both give you a variety of discounts that makes every ticket you purchase less expensive compared to buying a single entry! See which one works better for you and stop forgetting and start saving!


Playing Powerball with a subscription is not just a great way to never miss out on a draw, it's also a great way to save big. When you get a subscribe to any lottery at theLotter Texas we throw in every 7th ticket 100% free of charge!


Your best bet on lowering the cost of your Powerball tickets is by utilising multi-draw packages! You can play 5, 10, 25 or 52 consecutive draws and save up to 25% off the regular cost of participation. Multi-draw packages are available for personal entries, syndicates, and bundles.

How to lower the Powerball ticket price

If you're still not ready to commit to a subscription or multi-draw package but want the benefits of better winning odds at great price, playing Powerball in a syndicate or with a bundle package might be for you! These lottery playing options let you play hundreds of lines for a significantly reduced price. See for yourself why these great packages boost your chances, all while saving you a pretty penny!

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When you play the lottery in a syndicate, you can play hundreds of lines for a fraction of the cost without having to organize a group of players or buy all the lottery tickets yourself. Being part of a syndicate means that you are part of a group of players who buy multiple lottery tickets together. Whenever a ticket wins, you receive a portion of the prize winnings! You'll save heaps of cash while increasing your chances of winning multiple prizes!

A great example of how playing in a syndicate really does pay off is when 55 players from our website were able to claim $106,000 when they purchased shares in a 65-line Powerball syndicate in 2017. Each member purchased one share costing $11.61 each. Amazingly enough, every single one of the 65 lines managed to win a lottery prize! Two lines each won $50,000 and 63 lines won $100 per line! The total prize sum of $106,000 was split up evenly between the members of the syndicate, which each member receiving nearly $2,000. The 55 players in this winning syndicate represented 23 countries from around the globe including Mauritius, New Zealand, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates!


Playing Powerball Bundles online is a great way to get the best of both worlds! With a bundle, you receive own personal entry for the chance of winning the entire prize in addition to being part of a syndicate which will boost your chances of winning multiple prizes! You can save up to 10% of the original Powerball ticket price.

Where is the money for your Powerball ticket going?

Do you ever wonder where your money is going when you purchase your Powerball ticket? We all know that a percentage goes into the next draw's jackpot, but what happens to the rest? While half of the funds go towards the winner’s jackpot prize and the secondary prizes, a mere 10% is split between state lottery administration fees and commissions for the retailer who sold the winning tickets. The rest of the ticket revenue goes to state governments for spending based on their percentage of ticket sales. These are used to pay for expenses linked to the draw. Whatever is left over is used for social and economic programs that benefit the citizens of the state.

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Is the extra ticket cost of playing Powerball online worth it?

We absolutely think so. There is clearly a positive cost-benefit ratio when it comes to purchasing lottery tickets online as compared to at a retailer. With benefits such as keeping your potentially winning lottery tickets safe and visible; getting notifications about your Powerball wins; and receiving great online discounts, we think the service fee you pay is worth every penny. Learn more about Powerball through our comprehensive US Powerball guide. You can also check out how much a Mega Millions ticket costs when you play online!

How Much Is a Powerball Ticket to Buy Online? (2024)
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