About Us & #tSpotter - Nashville Severe Weather (2024)

We Provide Severe and Winter Weather Information for Davidson and Williamson Counties.

We think you should have more (and better) information than what you get on thatcrap app on your phone that shows you humorless,model-generated numbers and confusing clip art that’s no help at all when the weather turns severe or when the white death (snow) descends on the city.

Turns out, providing that information is not hard to do if you care and you work at it.

Using fancy radar data, and dialed into the National Weather Service’s internal chat, we tweet outforecasts, watches, warnings, ETAs and commentary about hail, severe wind, lightning, tornadoes, snow, and other severe weather only for Davidson and WilliamsonCounties.We also provide daily forecasts sometime in the morning, plus next-day forecasts at 6:30 PM and 9 PM. We use this website to supplement all that Twitter stuff we just mentioned, which you can find @NashSevereWx on Twitter.

We are National Weather Service (Nashville) SKYWARN Social Media Coordinators. This means we coordinate and relay – in real time – your severe & winter weather reports tweeted with the hashtag #tSpotter.

If you see:TORNADO,FUNNEL CLOUD,FLOODING,HAIL,STRUCTURAL DAMAGE,TREES OR POWER LINES DOWNand/orSNOW/FLURRIES,let the NWS know ASAP by tweeting your reportwith the hashtag #tSpotter.Tweets with photos and specific locations (geotagged) are best. Your reports assist the NWS in issuing severe weather warnings and advisories. Here’s our oldest example of that:

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Send in your reports! They are valuable. They improve the forecast. They assist in warning decisions. They may even save someone’s life. Your report is theeyes of the NWS.

Yeah, But Who Exactly Are You?

We are not the robots that generateyour crap app forecasts from a piece of software housed in Atlanta.

We are actual people. David, Will, and Andrew live and/orwork in Williamson County and/orDavidson County. We are all married, all of us have kids, we have college degrees, and this is our hobby that kinda got away from us and turned into a thing, whatever this is. Providing you weather information isn’t easy, but it is a joy, and at the risk of sounding cliche-cheesy (which David hates), it’s our passion. We are huuuuuge radar and tornado and wet bulb and convective available potential energy and warm nose and quasi linear convective system and social media nerds. We think we are also self-aware that we are nerds and we have made peace with that. Of the three of us, Will is the coolest.

If you want the whole story, there are articles out there on The Googles which David feels like are not cool to link to because no one likes that Hey LOOK AT ME guy.Or,just hit us up on Twitter.

Interns generate most web content. We’re in our 4th year of having interns from Mississippi State’s meteorology group. David has a soft spot for Mississippi, but that’s not why we get our interns from there. We get them because they are good and have served us well. Yasser Kishk was our first intern, the original. Bobby Mcillece was the Intern 2.0. I don’t know how they pulled it off by themselves, but they did. The third generation was Kaiti Blake and Meagan Massey, who are now graduates and TV meteorologists in Texas. They are awesome. Currently, Caroline MacDonald and Brendan Schaper are interning — both are juniors — they were so good we broke our seniors-only rule.

Recently Charlie Neese, formerly of Channel 5, has recently come aboard to do Periscope for us during severe weather warnings. He has started his own business as a realtor. Y’all should call him!

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All funny jokes came from Will, David, and Andrew. Jokes that either aren’t funny or do not land are the responsibility of any intern, past or present.

All weather information is serious. It is nerd-curated and repackaged for easyconsumption.

Now enjoy our disclaimer!

DAVID IS A LAWYER, SO HERE IS OUR DISCLAIMER: We are not meteorologists, except for Charlie Neese.When we call ourselves tweeteorologists or media-orologists, we do not mean we are meteorologists. All information, tweets, posts,blogs, etc.,are derivative, and any opinions are our own. We cannot do this if we assume liability, so please understand we assume no liability. Use at your own risk. Let us reiterate: the user assumes the entire risk related to its use of this data/tweets/posts/updates. Data is provided “as is,” and we disclaim any and all warranties, whether express or implied, including (without limitation) any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will we be liable to you or to any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages or lost profit resulting from any use or misuse of this data. Consult all available sources of severe weather, heed all warnings, and do not rely solely on us.

About Us & #tSpotter - Nashville Severe Weather (2024)


Who are the Nashville Severe Weather guys? ›

To them, every day is as serious as a category-five hurricane, no matter how uneventful the actual conditions may be. This applies to David Drobny, Will Minkoff and Andrew Leeper, three self-described “weather nerds” who form the team at Nashville Severe Weather.

Does Nashville get extreme weather? ›

Severe winter weather can take many different forms in Middle Tennessee, including heavy snow, ice storms, extreme cold, sleet and even icy driving conditions.

What are 3 examples of severe weather we talked about? ›

Learn all about thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail, lightning, floods, damaging winds and severe winter weather.

What extreme weather happens in Tennessee? ›

Prepare For Severe Storms and Tornadoes

Most tornadoes occur in the late afternoon on a hot spring day, but they can occur in any month of the year and at all times of the day or night. Learn if a community warning system is in place (in case a tornado develops).

Who is the famous guy on the Weather Channel? ›

Jim Cantore | Weather Hall of Fame. Jim Cantore is one of the most recognized faces in weather.

Is David Payne a real meteorologist? ›

David Payne is a National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Award winning meteorologist with a total of 8 Emmy wins and 16 nominations.

What is the coldest it has ever been in Nashville? ›

The coldest recorded temperature Nashville has ever seen was reported January 21, 1985, when temps plummeted to -17 degrees. The second coldest day recorded in Nashville was the day before, on Jan. 20, 1985, as temperatures dropped to -16. On January 24, 1963, the temperatures in Music City dipped to -15 degrees.

What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Nashville TN? ›

On June 29, 2012, we saw temperatures in Nashville reach 109 degrees.

When was the last time it snowed in Nashville, Tennessee? ›

Although there were some accumulating snows on March 11-12 and Jan. 2, 3, 16, and 28, our last big snow was on Jan. 6, 2022, when 6.3 inches fell in Nashville. It was a heavy, wet, and slippery snow that caused many accidents and cars sliding off the road.

What is the highest speed a tornado can reach? ›

Doppler radars can give some remotely sensed wind speeds although these are not always accurate. Despite this, on 3 May 1999, a tornado in Oklahoma was measured to reach 302 mph, the highest winds ever found on the Earth's surface.

What is a really bad storm called? ›

Supercell. A supercell is a thunderstorm that is characterized by the presence of a mesocyclone: a deep, persistently rotating updraft. Supercells are typically also classified as severe thunderstorms, and tornadoes most commonly form from these kinds of storms.

Why are storms worse at night? ›

The sun heats the land unevenly during the day, and when the heating from the sun stops at night, changes occur in the atmosphere that force a strong "jet" of air just above the ground. It blows northward from the Gulf of Mexico, bringing lots of moisture that can fuel thunderstorms in the Plains.

What part of Tennessee is safest from tornadoes? ›

On average, East Tennessee does get fewer tornadoes than the middle and western parts of the state.

What city in Tennessee has the most tornadoes? ›

Which city in Tennessee has the most tornadoes? Shelby County — home to Memphis — sees the most tornadoes each year, totaling 56 twisters from 1950 to 2022.

Is Tennessee a tornado alley? ›

Only three whole states are part of tornado alley: Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. Parts of Louisiana, Iowa, Nebraska, eastern Colorado and the northern part of Texas are considered part of the alley. Tennessee is not considered part of tornado alley, but the state has had its fair share of tornadoes over the years.

Who is Melissa Magee weather? ›

Melissa Magee is a meteorologist at NBC4 and can be seen on weekday newscasts at 5 p.m., 7 p.m., and 11 p.m. Magee brings up-to-the minute weather forecasts to the greater Southern California community.

Who is Matt Brickman weather man? ›

Meteorologist Matt Brickman is a member of NBC 4 New York's Storm Team 4 weather team and anchors the station's weather coverage for the weekend editions of “News 4 New York” at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. He also delivers weather updates on weekday editions of “News 4 New York” and regularly visits Tri-State classrooms to ...

Who is Kelley Costa Fox weather? ›

Kelly Costa joins FOX Weather as a Meteorologist coming from NBC affiliate WWLP 22 in Springfield, Masschusetts, Where she was the station's morning meteorologist, While in Masschusetts, Costa covered a number of winter storms and other extreme weather events, Before joining WWLP, She served as a weather and climate ...

Who is Dean weather? ›

Janice Dean (born May 9, 1970) is a Canadian-born American weather presenter, television show host, and author based in New York City.

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