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Beijing Kaitian Tech. Co., Ltd., is a professional laser equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Founded in 1998, we mainly specialize in manufacturing and marketing laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines, and laser marking machines. Our products are high quality and easy to operate, and are widely applied to the fields of sculpture, textiles, leather, shoes, advertisement, gifts, electronic components, stamps, etc. We at Beijing Kaitian Tech. Co., Ltd., are dedicated to improving the manufacturing technology of our laser equipment. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality, affordable laser machines, and thus, take in a broader piece of the laser equipment market. To achieve this goal, we adopt internationally-advanced production technology, while strictly implementing a series of quality and cost control measures to ensure the quality of our metal laser cutting machines, advertising laser engraving machines, glass laser engraving machines, laser marking machines, etc. In addition, all raw materials are strictly inspected in accordance with international standards before they are allowed to be used in production.

Founded in 1998, our company has grown much. 10 years of laser equipment manufacturing experience has taught us the importance of our technology, quality, and service to our own success and development. Thus, we regard technology as one of our prime concerns. In 2001, we established a research and development department. The members of this team come from Tsinghua University and have been trained in machinery, electrical engineering, motion control, image processing, software programming, optical engineering, etc. We now have a professional research and development department of over 30 members. These members are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products possible.

Beijing Kaitian Tech. Co., Ltd., utilizes advanced automatic equipment in manufacturing CNC cutting machines, laser making machines, etc. This not only improves our working efficiency, but also lowers our cost. Compared with American and European manufacturers, we have lower-costs in labor and land. Furthermore, some accessories of CO2 laser engraving machines, laser engraving machines and more are provided by our high-quality OEM suppliers. This enables us to provide our laser machines at the lowest prices for our customers.

Our company is located in Zhongguancun Science Park, China. We have over 300 employees, among which are more than 30 researchers and senior managers with master's degrees. Equipped with the latest equipment, our company has a large production capability, with an annual output of 3000 units. In addition, in order to offer our customers better service, we have established over 20 branch offices in China, in addition to our sales and service organizations around the globe. Thus, we can offer remote technical support to our clients.

Our products are CE, FDA, FCC, and PSE certified, and we export them all around the world. We have clients in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, the United States, Mexico, South Africa, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and more.

As a major laser equipment supplier in China, we specialize in producing laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines, and laser marking machines. In addition, we offer OEM service upon request. If you are interested in our products, please contact us. We are look forward to working with you.

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